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Inspection of Ductwork

HVAC Inspection and More from Comfort Specialist

As with many features in your home, you might not know you have an issue with your HVAC system until it’s too late. With HVAC inspections from Comfort Specialist, we’ll get you the information you need to keep your heating and cooling systems running properly year-round. Our team will inspect the key areas of your HVAC systems, looking for accumulating contaminants, debris, deterioration and other hazards. We can also perform more in-depth inspections if it is necessary. Some of the specific services we offer include the balance and inspection of heat recovery ventilators, oil tank inspection as well as oil and wood furnace inspection. We also offer infrared imaging inspections to find cold and hot spots in homes and businesses. Ready to see what we can do for your HVAC system? Contact the team at Comfort Specialist today. Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Airflow measuring

  • Airflow balancing

  • Infrared images to find hot/cold spots

  • Video camera inspections

  • Oil tank inspections

  • Oil, wood, electric furnace inspections


Mould Detection and Removal

Mould build-up in your home or business can cause serious health issues. At Comfort Specialist we have the skills and experience to perform mould and mildew inspections and removal. That way you can keep your home or workplace safe. If you think you may have a mould or mildew issue, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

Air Quality is What We’re All About

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